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Summer Self-Care at Center of Gravity

On Sunday, June 25th at 11 am, Emily Archer, guest yoga and breathwork teacher will be offering a 90-minute breathwork and yoga nidra session at the studio. There will be some light movement, breath observation and practices, and a deep, guided relaxation that is referred to as "yogic sleep." The ancient practice of yoga nidra is to bring a deep awareness of the body and breath so that the body is deeply relaxed but fully awake and aware. It puts the brain into an alpha state of deep mindfulness and relaxation. The brain then goes into delta and even theta states which are the restorative states of sleep that are so lacking in modern society when we get too little or too interrupted sleep. This meditation guides a person through these states and maybe even to a state of "no mind and just pure being" with practice. It is said that a regular practice of yoga nidra can lead to needing less sleep at night, because these deep brain states replenish the body and mind as well as sleep.

Emily is a certified yoga teacher as well as breathwork practitioner. The class is $25 if you register before June 20th. After that, the price is $30.

The studio has lots of blankets and bolsters that can make yoga nidra more comfortable, but if you have your own props you'd like to bring, feel free.

Sign up for this event below. If you have any questions, reach out to the studio by phone or email to learn more.

Along with workshops for self-care, you may also have seen the addition of a massage therapist in our studio's green room. Samara is a licensed massage therapist and reiki practitioner. She does deep tissue, Swedish, and hot stone massage. Click here to go to her website and see her prices and availability. She is accepting new clients.

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