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So Many Mats!

There are orphan mats in our studio and we want to return them to their rightful owners! If you have ever left a mat here at the studio, or have forgotten where you may have left your mat before COVID struck, it may be here. We are running out of space for current students to store their mats, so if you have a mat here and still want it, please come in and pick it up or contact the studio in the next week.

At the end of March, we will take the unclaimed mats off our shelves. There are some very cute pets at the SPCA who would love to lay on a cushiony mat. Some of them may end up there, so please claim your mat if you want it. There are some mats that have been in our studio since before the pandemic.

Speaking of lost and found, we also have a few water bottles, scarves, mugs, and clothing items on the bottom shelf of our foyer cubbies. Please check next time you're in the studio if any of these items are yours.

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