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Madelyn Stuart

Madelyn started practicing hot vinyasa yoga after an injury that interrupted her ballet training at university. When she moved to Virginia for graduate school, she started practicing the 26 + 2 hot yoga stationary sequence. A year later Madelyn completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego.

Since then, she has taught yoga in Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Moscow, Russia. After a few years of teaching, Madelyn completed a ChildLight Yoga and Mindfulness training and began teaching children’s yoga classes. She continued to study yoga with teachers of various yoga practices, including vinyasa, ashtanga, and prenatal yoga. Yoga has helped her heal after several injuries and enjoy her life more each day. Madelyn believes in a well-rounded yoga practice with a focus on each individual body and synchronizing breath with movement.

About five years into her yoga teaching career, she attended a barre training and began teaching barre and mat Pilates classes. While movement and mindfulness are important to Madelyn, she took a hiatus from fitness instruction to focus on her family and “real” job, and is excited to be returning to teaching yoga and getting to know each member of the Center of Gravity community. Madelyn spends most of her time with her family in Lexington—her spouse, their two daughters, their standard poodle and rabbit, and her mom and her miniature poodle, or at her job in Charlottesville—as a professor of Slavic languages and literatures.

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