Welcome to Center of Gravity: Lexington, Virginia’s Yoga & Pilates Studio

Our offerings include the holistic practice of Yoga, the empowering strength of Pilates, and the healing energy of Qigong and Tai Chi. Some classes are more of a physical workout while others are more focused on mental and physical relaxation, yet all of our teachers are dedicated to helping you find your inherent health and wholeness in a safe and fun environment. Whether you are a curious beginner, a seasoned yogi, or an athlete looking for either a vigorous cross-training or a gentle recovery, there is something for you.

The detailed Virtual 2020 schedule is available Or use the MINDBODY app on your smart phone.

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Now located at 124 S. Main St.  

We are OPEN: Virtual classes available

Online classes now available!

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting and join your favorite teacher and class virtually.
Please consider supporting Center of Gravity by attending our classes virtually.
Please consider supporting yourself with healthy movement and exercise.

At the end of class you can visit virtually with your beloved cast of characters.
Register through the website or Mindbody for the ONLINE version of your class.  The meeting number is included in class description.  When you register for class on Mindbody, you will receive a confirmation email that contains the password needed to enter the class.

Countdown to live…outside

While we will continue to offer virtual classes for quite some time; we plan to open as soon as we are granted permission.  The Governor has announced that fitness facilities may only offer live classes outside starting Friday, May 15th.  We will not be moving outdoors for our regular classes.  We will continue to host virtual classes and an occasional pop-up outdoor class.

First pop-up yoga class:

Sunday, May 17th at 5:00 pm, Jordan’s Point Park in Lexington.  This is an all-levels vinyasa class with Karen.  Limited to 9 participants, so pre-register here or on the Mindbody app.  Please bring a yoga mat and any props you may want.  We will be social distancing.

Pilates in a Pandemic

Joseph Pilates, a German born gymnist, boxer and circus performer was sent to a British Internment camp on the Isle of Man during World War I.  When the 1918 flu epedemic swept the world, killing approxiamtly 50 million people, Pilates would boast that none of the starving soilders practicing his exercise regime even got sick.

Seems like a good time to try out Pilates!  Kristen offers 2 all-levels classes a week. Friday morning at 8:15 and Saturday morning at 9:15.  Her intermediate class is not for the beginer and “meets” Tuesday evenings at 5:30.

Joseph Pilates studied animals his whole life to develop natural, full range of motion exercises that would make the human body stronger, leaner and lithe. The exercise regime that he developed for the interned soilders was developed by watching cats and became the rage for ballerinas in the 1960’s.  Come move like a cat, breath deeply and move naturally. Stay healthy and strong in this pandemic!

Gift Certificates

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