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John Maluski

After spending most of his life in West Virginia, John retired from his engineering career and relocated to Florida in 2015. While in Florida, John began his Taiji journey with a class in Qi Gong and Yang style Taiji. John quickly transitioned to a more in depth training in Chen Style Taiji Quan under the tutelage of Sifu Kam Lee with the Taiji Kungfu Academy in Fleming Island, FL. John trained with Sifu Lee for nearly seven years and attended his leadership training program. Before moving to Virginia John taught a Taiji class in Palm Coast, FL for two years.

In 2022 John and his wife Susan relocated to the Lexington area. After a year in the Lexington area, John and Susan are feeling right at home and John would like to continue sharing his knowledge and love of Taiji through teaching at COG.

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