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Amy Jarrett

Amy originally discovered yoga when she was expecting her first child.  A friend enticed her to attend a pre-natal yoga class.  It took her a while to find the time to take yoga deeper with a growing family, but found a wonderful teacher and convenient time and she was hooked.  Now she tried to be that teacher who can lay a solid foundation for all her students while infusing the practice with fun and levity.  

Aside from teaching yoga at the studio, she also teaches yoga to pre-school children when she's not busy as the Assistant Director of Yellow Brick Road Early Learning Center.  Her dream job would be to teach yoga and mindfulness to K-12 students in the school system.

Amy loves when she can take her practice off the mat and into her life, and she tries to offer that to her students, as well.  It makes the practice of yoga more than just an hour on the yoga mat.

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