About Us

At Center of Gravity our intention is to create a home for practitioners of yoga and the related movement arts in a convenient downtown Lexington location. Center of Gravity is the result of our desire to provide a vibrant setting in which to learn, discover, explore, change and renew. Our offerings include the holistic practice of Yoga, the empowering strength of Pilates, and the healing energy of Qigong and Tai Chi. Some classes are more of a physical workout while others are more focused on mental and physical relaxation, yet all of our teachers are dedicated to helping you find your inherent health and wholeness in a safe and fun environment. Whether you are a curious beginner, a seasoned yogi, or an athlete looking for either a vigorous cross-training or a gentle recovery, there is something for you.

Our name: Center of Gravity

The force of gravity pulls us down towards the earth. It is this downward pull that allows us to lift up freely in the opposite direction. These two divergent energies come together at a place in our bodies just below the navel, at the fifth lumbar vertebrae. It is from this center of gravity that we radiate our energy in all directions, becoming not only strong and grounded but also light, open and relaxed. Yoga, Pilates, Qigong, and Tai Chi move with the force of gravity, not in an effort to control our bodies, but with a non-resistance that frees our bodies. Each of these traditions has a different name for our center of gravity. In Yoga it is referred to as the Hara, in Pilates it is called the Powerhouse, and in Qigong and Tai Chi it is the dantien.